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Applewhites at Wit’s End, by Stephanie Tolan

Summary:  Famously creative Randolph Applewhite hatches a plan to save the family from poverty and starvation: They will turn the sixteen acres of their family compound, Wit’s End, into Eureka! , a summer camp for creative children. The whole thing seems like a good idea until threatening notes begin mysteriously appearing in the Applewhites’ roadside mailbox.


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One thought on “Applewhites at Wit’s End, by Stephanie Tolan

  1. I loved this book. It is the sequel to “Surviving the Applewhites”. I love the characters and the plot is very amusing. What I liked best about the book was that the plot and characters could really seem to capture human emotion. I was sad, happy, or angry just where I was supposed to be. I would recommend this book for all kids in late elementary and in middle school. I think this book was a great story but I am not sure if it would win Newbery.

    P.S. I am home schooled and if you expect a real home school family to be like the Applewhites you are in for a disappointment. Sorry.

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