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Laugh With the Moon, by Shana Burg

Summary:  Massachusetts thirteen-year-old Clare, grieving after her mother’s recent death, reluctantly travels with her father to spend nine weeks in a remote village in Malawi, where new friends and experiences help open her mind and heart.



3 thoughts on “Laugh With the Moon, by Shana Burg

  1. I liked this book. The story was interesting. The characters were unique. I think this book can win the newbery.

  2. This book seemed like the book that could win Newbery. however i did find one down point. The main character seemed to make everything a big deal. I know she is in a different country, but i don’t think her reactions were very realistic. Other than that this book was amazing, the rest of the characters were very well developed, the plot was interesting and the setting was described very vividly.

  3. This is a great book. I agree that it can definitely get the newbery. The plot was the best part, but the characters were great and the setting was really unique and well described. There was good character developement. Even though the main character’s mom died and she had to go on a trip to africa which she did not want to go on, the book was not at all depressing. I really connected to the character and could feel what she was feeling.

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