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Jake and Lily, by Jerry Spinelli

Summary:  This is a story about me, Lily. And me, Jake. We’re twins and we’re exactly alike. Not exactly! Whatever. This is a book we wrote about the summer we turned eleven and Jake ditched me. Please. I just started hanging out with some guys in the neighborhood. Right. We wrote this together (sort of) so you’ll get to see both sides of our story. But you’ll probably agree with my side. You always have to have the last word, don’t you? Yes!


Find it at WCPL


3 thoughts on “Jake and Lily, by Jerry Spinelli

  1. This book was funny,but I found it unrelatable. It was enjoyable, but (hopefully) not the best book of year.

  2. i really enjoyed reading this book and found it interesting hearing two different people’s perspectives. especially since those people were twins. at the beginning i was confused since it jumped around so much, but i caught on after a while and enjoyed the rest. i liked the ending, the way that both the characters were changed so much, but in some ways they hadn’t changed at all. this a very enjoyable book and a good read. i think that it definitely has a chance at the Newbery.

  3. This book was enjoyable. My sister and I are not twins, but often think the same things and argue like Jake and Lily did in the book, so I found it easy to relate to. I don’t really think that Bump got what he desrved; I was waiting for him to try to hit Soop and get pounded into the ground by Jake. But, you can’t have everything your way.

    Definitely Newbery material.

    **** (4 stars)

    “Expect the UnXpected.”

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