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Splendors and Glooms, by Laura Amy Schlitz

Summary:  When Clara vanishes after the puppeteer Grisini and two orphaned assistants were at her birthday party, suspicion of kidnapping chases them away from London.  The two orphans find themselves caught in a trap set by Grisini’s ancient rival, a witch with a deadly inheritance to shed before it’s too late.

Candlewick Press

Find it at WCPL


8 thoughts on “Splendors and Glooms, by Laura Amy Schlitz

  1. This book was well written and kept me reading. The characters were very well-described. It isn’t my favorite but compared to others I think it could win.

  2. This book is by far my favorite so far this year. The book seemed to literally come ALIVE! I connected with the characters really well and they were described and shown with utter perfection. I could not put this book down and it had me up pretty late because I did not want to miss a single second. I can truly say this is one of the best books I have ever read. This book was spellbinding and held very many splendors for me. The plot had the right amount of twists, joy, fear, and depth. It was just amazing how the author could evoke such emotion in a book but keep it under control. I would recommend this book for late middle school and high school girls and guys. I had all splendors and no glooms reading this book. This book is a must read this year!

  3. I also loved this book. It was almost a 3D experience. The characters were so well described that by the end you knew them inside out. I have read a lot of newberys and this is the closest thing to any of the newberys I have read so far this year. I think this book has a very good chance of winning. I encourage everybody to read it

  4. This is a great book!!!! The characters are so real. It seems like you are with them the whole time. I like how how Rebekah said that it was all spendors and no glooms. I agree completely. This is my favorite so far.

    1. Yael, be sure to let us know how that goes! And let her know that the Eva Perry Mock Newbery book club is reading her book, ok?

  5. This was agreat book! I really don’t even enjoy books like this, but I could not put this down. I agree with everyone. One of the best plots so far. It kep on having exciting twists.

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