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The Winterling, by Sarah Prineas

Summary:  Spirited young Fer travels through the Way to a magical world in which beings part human and part animal serve an evil ruler known as the Lady, and where she hopes to learn about her long-lost parents and her own identitiy.


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6 thoughts on “The Winterling, by Sarah Prineas

  1. I really enjoyed this book. It was well written at a nice pace. I connected with the characters and saw spectacular character development. I liked seeing both Fer and Rook’s perspectives. I could feel all the places that Fer visited on both sides of the Way. I felt that the final battle and the preparation was fast, a little too simple, and not as strong as I had hoped. Though this was disappointing the book ending was satisfying. I would recommend this book for Middle School and early High School girls. This book might be a Newbery book.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. You got both Fer’s perspective and Rook’s as well. I also liked how well you can connect with the charactors. The theme of duty and selflessness is always a good thing to hear again. The much anticipated battle was a bit disappointing considering how well the author built the excitment. I liked the way Sarah Prineas described Fer’s surroundings. I felt I was by her side the whole time.

  3. I didn’t like this book. It was too simple. The end was disappointing. It wasn’t very interesting. I don’t think it could win.

  4. I liked the description of the setting and how they had 2 different points of view. The ending was not satisfying and the battle didn’t seem much like a battle. I’m not sure if it could win.

  5. I loved this book and i definitely think it could get the Newbery. It was just so different from other books i have read. I really connected with the main character. The battle, i do agree was a little bit disappointing, but that was the only thing that i did not like, the rest of the book was great.

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