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Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Detectives Extraordinaire!, by Polly Horvath

Summary: Middle-schooler Madeline’s hippy parents have been kidnapped from Hornby Island, Canada, by foxes and Madeline, upon discovering that she can understand animal languages, hires two rabbit detectives to find them.

Schwartz & Wade Books

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6 thoughts on “Mr. and Mrs. Bunny Detectives Extraordinaire!, by Polly Horvath

  1. This book was kind of boring in the first 30 or so pages, but it gradually got funnier. It also got more interesting as the book progressed, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to continue reading the book. Oh and also this book is like for 3rd grade to 5th grade. It’s not a bad piece of writing, but I don’t think this could win a honor or medal.

  2. This is definitely the most creative and original book i have ever read. There is also lots of humor in it.
    However, i think that humor is the only thing making this book worth while to read, when i was done with it, i was left wondering what i got out of reading it. The characters were flat and you never know what they are thinking or feeling because it is never mentioned, like when Madeline’s parents go missing, you can’t even tell if she misses them. I also found the plot pointless when it shouldn’t be, because Madeline’s parents missing should have been a big deal, but at the end when she finds them, they act like they don’t even care that she found them.
    i was bored in a few parts mainly because of the writing style, so i think it is for younger kids like eight through ten, except that the launguage might not be for that age group. My ten year old sister also read it and said that she wasn’t bored at all, except she was confused in some parts, which i agree with her on.
    Also,(this does not have to do with the newbery award) compared to her other books, this is not half as good.
    Another thing is that there were a few random parts that i thought were unecessary, but then again other people might find them funny, i only found them annoying.

  3. I really liked this book. When I started I had heard other peoples reviews about it being dull and for younger kids. So I read it with a mind set of a younger kid and I could not stop reading. It was light yet intelligent. I would expect a 8 year old or younger to be hooked after the first chapter. I think it has a good change at a Newbery.

  4. I like bunny stories and i like detective stories and i think it is an ingenious idea to combine them, but for some reason i did not like this. The writing style was, i agree annoying, and the characters were dumb and imature with no feeling, I started getting impatient with them. I was also annoyed that at the end Madeline’s parents didn’t even seem happy to see her. No feeling, not a good writing style, and annoying characters all work together to make this book not newbery qualified.

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