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Tracks, by Diane L. Wilson

Summary: An Irish boy and a Chinese boy become friends, despite their mistrust and prejudices, while working on the Transcontinental Railroad in 1866.

Margaret K. McElderry


4 thoughts on “Tracks, by Diane L. Wilson

  1. This book was wonderful. The characters were relatable, the plot was suspenseful, and the writing drew me in. This could win the award. Lack of female characters, though.

  2. I’d vote this book for the Newbery award, I enjoyed reading the book and when main character made mistakes, he was able to make up for them.

  3. I really liked this book. The characters are relatable like like Cassidy said and the plot was also wonderful. I would think it earned a chance at newbery.

  4. This book definitely deserves to be on the newbery list!! At first it sounded boring so i didn’t want to read it but it is an AWESOME book. There is so much feeling and everything else needed to be a newbery book. The lack of female characters didn’t matter and the main character DID get letters from his Mother and Sisters which are females so… This can DEFINITELY GET THE NEWBERY.

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