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Gold Medal Summer, by Donna Freitas

Summary: Joey Jordan loves gymnastics. But even with all her talent and style, she’s never quite made it to that gold medal stand.  Now big changes shake up Joey’s life in and out of the gym. Joey wants to break out some daring new beam and floor routines–but she’ll have to defy her strict coach to do it. Her best friend, Alex, is thinking about quitting gymnastics for good. And an old friend named Tanner just moved back to town…



2 thoughts on “Gold Medal Summer, by Donna Freitas

  1. It had some plot twists but was still predictable. The characters were ok. I have read better in this club.

  2. i agree that i have read better,but I still enjoyed it and found it interesting reading about a gymnyst. i lost interst in a few parts, but in others, like at the gymnatics meets, the author did good describing what it was like for the main character and i felt like i was with her. i do not think it could win the newberry, but i would recommend it to some people who are just looking for a good read.

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