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The Bell Bandit, by Jaqueline Davies


Siblings Evan and Jessie must solve the mystery of a missing cherished family treasure while coming to terms with their beloved grandmother’s unsettling behavior.

Houghton Mifflin


4 thoughts on “The Bell Bandit, by Jaqueline Davies

  1. The ending of this book did leave me with some things that I felt hadn’t really been concluded and were still a problem, as well as feeling disappointed at how the issue at hand was solved. Overall, a younger kid may like it, but I don’t think it is an award winning book.

      1. I’m assuming 2-4 grade, though I can’t be sure. One of the older characters was around fifth grade, so possibly around 8-10.

  2. The ending was a bit strange, I felt this book was very boring -not much happened at all. I didn’t really connect with the characters that much. This book was definitely made for younger kids even though that dosn’t matter for Newbery. Over all I do not think this book was Newbery worthy.

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