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If Only, by Carole Geithner

Summary:A stunning debut about one girl’s journey through loss and grief.From the beginning of eighth grade to the start of ninth, Maryland thirteen-year-old Corinna grieves for her mother, who died of cancer, and struggles to cope with changes to all aspects of her life brought on by her loss.

Scholastic Press


3 thoughts on “If Only, by Carole Geithner

  1. I liked the character development, how you seem to know the people and understood what they are thinking, however i think the story line moved along slowly.

  2. I agree, the story was a little slow to move along. The characters weren’t that well developed, and the plot was somewhat predicable.

  3. Yea, a bit slow, but the writing style was good. The author expressed feelings that she wanted to and I could understand why Corinna was upset.Yet the only good thing is writing style and there are other books I like better so… I vote this no.

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