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Dreamsleeves, by Coleen Paratore

Summary:  During a momentous summer, thirteen-year-old Aislinn’s dreams include that her father will stop drinking and give her more freedom, that her fifth sibling will be born safely, that she will not lose her best friend or her potential boyfriend, and that she can teach members of her community both to express their dreams and to help others’ dreams come true.



5 thoughts on “Dreamsleeves, by Coleen Paratore

  1. This was an amazing book. I really connected to Aislinn, her character was really deep and she kept growing as the story went through. I really enjoyed this book and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. The book is also not to long and not to short, and fits many themes. It also taught me a very important lesson.

  2. I love this book! I felt really connected and the characters weren’t flat. It teaches some very good lessons and I think it has a chance of winning the award.

  3. I did enjoy the book, the story went along well, and there was character development. One thing that seemed to stick out was the fact that the ending didn’t entirely end the way I would like it. Even though there wasn’t room for a sequel, there were still some questions about the story that were left unanswered.

  4. OHMIGOD! I ah-dore this book. I really love how the author pulls the story together. This book is for real one of my favorite books and that is saying a lot. This book is really inspirational even though it doesn’t have the ideal happy ending. One word that can sum up this book pretty well would be awing. This book is an emotional and heart changing kind of book.

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