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Child of the Mountains, by Marilyn Sue Shank

Summary:”It’s about keeping the faith.”Growing up poor in 1953 in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia doesn’t bother Lydia Hawkins. She treasures her tight-knit family. There’s her loving mama, now widowed; her whip-smart younger brother, BJ, who has cystic fibrosis; and wise old Gran. But everything falls apart after Gran and BJ die and mama is jailed unjustly. Suddenly Lydia has lost all those dearest to her. Moving to a coal camp to live with her uncle William and aunt Ethel Mae only makes Lydia feel more alone. She is ridiculed at her new school for her outgrown homemade clothes and the way she talks, and for what the kids believe her mama did. And to make matters worse, she discovers that her uncle has been keeping a family secret–about her.If only Lydia, with her resilient spirit and determination, could find a way to clear her mother’s name.

Random House

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3 thoughts on “Child of the Mountains, by Marilyn Sue Shank

  1. This is a very different book from most. There are many sad parts that are written as memories, but also many happy memories.
    The ending is predictable, but i still think it’s a good ending.

  2. This book was a sweet tale of family. The flashbacks were a little confusing, but the plot was nice and a bit predictible. The main characters thoughts were deeply explained, and I wish they could have done that to the minor characters, especially the aunt and uncle. The authour had a enjoyable writing style to read.

  3. I liked it but i got a little lost at the areas where she had flashbacks and I didn’t think it was entirely clear.

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