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The Exceptionals, by Erin Cashman

Summary:  Fifteen-year-old Claire, apparently the only normal student at a school for people with supernatural powers, learns that she is the subject of a famous prophecy, and when fellow students start disappearing, she must use her ability to communicate with animals to help them.

Holiday House


4 thoughts on “The Exceptionals, by Erin Cashman

  1. I loved this book. The writing style was great and it was very exciting. It has really quite a complex plot and i admire how the author was able to keep it all organized. it seemed like i knew every character.
    the only part i was disappointed by was the ending. It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood ending, but i think it was sad in a disappointing kind of way and could have been better.

  2. Not really the best book ever, the writing of the characters was kind of weak, and the story didn’t really capture my interest. Overall the book was pretty bad, and predictable.

  3. I really enjoyed this book. I found the plot wonderful but the ending was a bit different than I thought and could have ended differently but, mostly the book was pretty predictable. The characters were like your friend. I would say that this could be newbery.

  4. I think the writing style, at least in the start, was a little confusing. For the first 20 pages, you have no idea that she is from a family of supernaturals. They just spring it on you, without any warning. They could have introduced it more lightly. Setting? Not that great. Character Development was there, but it took some digging to find it. Overall? I say no, I have read better books this year.

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