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The Mastermind Plot ,by Angie Frazier

Summary:A new, exciting Suzanna Snow adventure!Suzanna “Zanna” Snow can hardly believe her luck: She’s just arrived in Boston, the city she’s wanted to visit for as long as she can remember. Think of all the mysteries waiting to be solved here! Her grandmother and cousin, Will, welcome her warmly, but her famous detective uncle, Bruce Snow, seems anything but pleased. He doesn’t want Zanna meddling in his current case involving a string of mysterious warehouse fires along the harbor front. But Zanna can’t help herself. Is someone setting the fires? Just when she thinks she’s on to something, a strange man starts following her. Is he a threat? Zanna needs to solve the case before she has the chance to find out.

Scholastic Press


Find it at WCPL


One thought on “The Mastermind Plot ,by Angie Frazier

  1. I think this is a series book and i think it can stand alone but i just dont think it is the best book for its audience. In the beginning she was talking about what happened in her other adventure and it got a bit confusing. The plot was good and the characters were okay but I don’t think this could be Newbery.

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