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I Am Sacagawea, by Grace Norwich

Summary:A brand-new biography series featuring some of the most important people from history and today.I am only sixteen years old as I trek across the country with my infant son strapped to my back. I have a river, two lakes, and four mountain peaks named after me. I am featured on the U.S golden dollar. I am Sacagawea.(Amazon)



2 Responses

  1. I enjoyed the untold story of Sacagawea! Strangely though, I didn’t enjoy the point of view from which it was told. I thought i would have liked it more if it had been told from the point of view of Sacagawea. The text used alot of words like maybe and may have. It makes me feel as if the author wasn’t sure wether or not the information was right.

  2. I did find this book to be an okay non-fiction book, but as was pointed out previously, the author was a little hesitant on the validity of the facts. Also, since I read the ARC, there were no pictures or drawings, which could have added lots to the information being presented.

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