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The Shadow Collector’s Apprentice, by Amy Gordon

Summary:  In the summer of 1963, after his father has inexplicably disappeared leaving Cully with his three eccentric aunts on their barely profitable apple farm, Cully goes to work for a mysterious antiques dealer who has the strange hobby of collecting shadows.

Holiday House

5 Responses

  1. This book was interesting and the characters were distinguished. But the thing is, you could see through the plot. It is like one of the movies that you know what is going to happen. So I think this has a chance to be well liked, but I don’t think that this could be a Newbery winner.

  2. This book was kind of predictable. Also it wasn’t very realistic- even though it’s sort of fantasy the people just let everything happen without thinking anything was strange. It also seemed a bit stretched out, as at the beginning the main character found out something was wrong, and in the middle it stretched out just doing the same thing again and again. Overall I would give it a no.

  3. There were too many problems at once, and they all got solved at about the same time. I don’t think it should win the newbery.

  4. I would not call this a newbery book, the plot was predictable, and the characters weren’t too interesting. The story wasn’t that great, and things about the shadows were not explained.

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