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The Rock of Ivanore, by Laurisa White Reyes

Summary: The annual Great Quest announced by the wizard Zyll requires Marcus and other boys of the village who are coming of age to find the Rock of Invanore without knowing what it is or where it can be found, but unless they develop new powers of magic and find strength to survive wild lands and fierce enemies, they will lose their honor and live menial lives of shame.

Tanglewood Press



3 thoughts on “The Rock of Ivanore, by Laurisa White Reyes

  1. Wow, I was surprised at this book. It had pictured everything clearly and in great detail. The plot was imaginative and it gave a clever twist in the end of the book. It might be a bit violent, but I looked at the previous Newbery winners; finding that the Hunger Games was elected to be given a (mock) medal. So I thought, well the Hunger Games is really violent and The Rock of Ivanore is nothing compared to it. I think this book should be eligible for the Newbery medal.

  2. It was a nice story, but it only had three girls in the whole book. The girls didn’t do anything very important. The girls didn’t fight either. I don’t think this book should win the newbery.

  3. I agree with Benjamin on the violence, but i enjoyed the rest of the book. I connected with the characters and liked the exiting plot. Although i found it a good book, i have read better and would not pick this as one of my top books.

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