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The Mighty Miss Malone, by Christopher Paul Curtis

Summary:  With love and determination befitting the “world’s greatest family,” twelve-year-old Deza Malone, her older brother Jimmie, and their parents endure tough times in Gary, Indiana, and later Flint, Michigan, during the Great Depression.

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9 thoughts on “The Mighty Miss Malone, by Christopher Paul Curtis

  1. This book was a touching story about an African living in the U.S. Overall, there was a average plot, and it was well written, but I didn’t understand the first thirty pages or so. Like there was a “Flint” way to open packages and there was a “Gary” way to open it. At first, I thought they were the two sides of her family, but I found out it was two different cities! I didn’t know the Malone family was African, until the thirtieth page!

    1. Well, Benjamin, the Gary and Flint ways of doing things are actually two sides of the family and how they were raised to do them. So that is true. Each side of his family did things a little differently – just like your parents did. Isn’t it good to put yourself in different perspectives and learn how different people live?

  2. Yes it is and a little while into the book I realized that his dad/mom was from Gary, also that his mom/dad was from Flint. I understood it all before the book was over so that is okay.

  3. I think this book was really good. The characters were well-described and the plot was interesting. It was hard to stop reading and had the right amount of unpredictableness. This book was one of the best I read so far.

  4. Definitely one of the best books i read! I really liked the writing style the characters the plot and everything about it. All the questions were answered. It’s a really interesting book that i think could get the Newbery.

  5. It is one of the best books I’ve read. I thought the characters were well thought out and it had a nice plot.

  6. Really good book! Loved the Malone family ! I also liked how they but Bud in from the authors other book. The two cities were kinda confusing.

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