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Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street, by Peter Abrahams

Summary: After getting a strange charm bracelet from a homeless woman, thirteen-year-old Robyn Forester and new friends join together to fight injustice in their Brooklyn, New York, neighborhood.


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5 thoughts on “Robbie Forester and the Outlaws of Sherwood Street, by Peter Abrahams

  1. This book was really good. I really like how after each chapter it pulled me into reading the next one. I really liked the suspense that took place when they were in the yacht and I really like how you tied a bit of fantasy into the story. Overall, it was really good!

  2. I enjoyed all the characters and the suspense of the story. The characters devolopment and personalities were really great. I would recommend this to anybody. This could definitly win the Newbery award.

  3. This book was very descriptive, (which I like) and it had me hooked on the special “power”. It was an action packed book, with suspense and stuff, so I think this could win the Newbery.

  4. I forgot to add that this book has a tiny cliffhanger, they never shut down the development project, so I don’t think it is too big, but it’s never hurts to check.

  5. I agree with everything that cassidy said. I think that the character developement was great, but what i liked most was the writing style and how well i connected with the characters. I do not think that the cliff hanger is very important at the end. This is one of the top books i have read so far.

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