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Michael at the Invasion of France, 1943, by Laurie Calkhoven

Summary:  Michael, a thirteen-year-old French-American, watches in fear as the Nazis invade Paris, and is spurred to become part of the French Resistance movement, defying Hitler, helping American aviators to safe zones, and delivering secret documents at great risk to his own safety.


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4 thoughts on “Michael at the Invasion of France, 1943, by Laurie Calkhoven

  1. Very interesting and engaging book. It was action packed, and the characters had personalities. I think it’s top in its category, but I have only read one other war book so I will have to wait and read more books.

  2. I also enjoyed this book. Even though I dislike most books on the Holocost I really liked this one. And all the french references just made it so good.(I am a fluint french speaker with the little I know)I think it has a good shot at a Newberry.

  3. I’m not exactly sure why, but after the fist half of the book it lost me. I was engaged with the first half but I had to struggle with the second half. It’s a no for me

  4. This book is not in my top three. I agree that after the first half of the book i was confused and no longer wanted to continue reading it. There are better books about the same topic so i vote no for the newbery.

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