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May B.: a novel, by Caroline Starr Rose

Summary:  When a failed wheat crop nearly bankrupts the Betterly family, Pa pulls twelve-year-old May, who suffers from dyslexia, from school and hires her out to a couple new to the Kansas frontier.

Schwartz & Wade

Find it at WCPL


4 thoughts on “May B.: a novel, by Caroline Starr Rose

  1. The style of writing in this book is like poetry, about four words of less per line. It is pretty writing and different from most books, but it leaves me with many questions. I think it could have been longer and less depressing.

  2. The book was a little long, and in some parts, dull. I didn’t think it benefited much from being written in verse, and I don’t think it could win.

  3. The characters emotions were not really explained in verse. I didn;t undersand some of the parts, like why she cut her hair,completly. The plot and characters were good, but I felt like the author didn’t elaberate on them.

  4. The writing style was interesting and the story was really good. I really liked this book. It could win the Newbery.

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