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Book Club Meeting 8/5/11 – Yay!

With 23 present tonight, we had great discussion!

Rebekah highly recommends Across the Great Barrier.  She really likes the combination of realistic story and great characters with the magical elements and obstacles.
Patrick and Kyle both recommend Bird in a Box.  This historical fiction has impressed them with its characters and being able to feel part of it all.
Aparna highly recommends The Unwanteds for Mock Newbery consideration.  You just have to read it!
And Ajay really likes Kick.  He truly identifies with the main character and wants everyone to read this one.
(We took 5 titles off our reading list this meeting.)

What would you recommend for the Mock Newbery winner so far this year?


2 thoughts on “Book Club Meeting 8/5/11 – Yay!

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t have a copy of Breadcrumbs yet. Okay for Now and True Sort Of are both making the rounds of our kids… both of those have mixed reviews right now, with some positive and some negative opinions. We will sort it all out as more of our group is able to get their hands on the books and read through them all. THANK YOU for your comment.

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