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Floating Islands, by Rachel Neumeier

Summary:  The adventures of two teenaged cousins who live in a place called The Floating Islands, one of whom is studying to become a mage and the other one of the legendary island flyers.

Alfred A Knopf

Find it at WCPL


2 thoughts on “Floating Islands, by Rachel Neumeier

  1. This book is amazing! The plot never drops off and the swiching between characters is well done and doesn’t confuse you. This book is tied with the Emerald Atlas in my opinion. I would recomend this book for middle school age. This could be a Newbery book and I give it a +.

  2. I enjoyed this book very much when i read it. It is in my top 3 and i loved it because the plot was original, the writing style was unique, and the characters developed really well. I think this book is the one to beat

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