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Words in the Dust, by Trent Reedy

Summary: Zulaikha, a thirteen-year-old girl in Afghanistan, faces a series of frightening but exhilirating changes in her life as she defies her father and secretly meets with an old woman who teaches her to read, her older sister gets married, and American troops offer her surgery to fix her disfiguring cleft lip.

Arthur A. Levine

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9 thoughts on “Words in the Dust, by Trent Reedy

  1. This book helped me learn more about the Islamic culture and their ways of life. But I think that Words in the Dust is inappropriate for anyone who is younger thatn 13. There were some events that were violent…

  2. I really enjoyed this book and thought that it was newbery worthy. Also, eventually I think that this can be a historical fiction book.
    I am also younger than 13 and I don’t think that it was to violent.

  3. i agree with Allison it was an amazing book my top and think it could definately win newbery, it captures the readers attention about how kids are suffering in the Middle East

  4. I am so impressed by this book. As for violence, there are only two things that could be considered relatively violent. Compared to some other books that I and my friends, younger than thirteen, have read, it is not terribly violent. I agree with Allison-in twenty years it would still be worthwhile historical fiction. (edited)

  5. This book was a one-of-a-kind book that I have ever read. The author put so much dedication and time into the book, and it showed while you were reading. Trent Reedy made you feel like you were actually contected to the characters and his style of writing is amazing. This is capable of winning the newbery award!

  6. I loved this book. The characters seemed very real and the setting made it interesting. My only complaint is all the words in a differant language really confused me. I did catch on to them after a while though.

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