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Small Acts of Amazing Courage, by Gloria Whelan

Summary: In 1919, independent-minded fifteen-year-old Rosalind lives in India with her English parents, and when they fear she has fallen in with some rebellious types who believe in Indian self-government, she is sent “home” to London, where she has never been before and where her older brother died, to stay with her two aunts.

Simon & Schuster

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7 thoughts on “Small Acts of Amazing Courage, by Gloria Whelan

  1. I absolutely loved this story. It was a really great read. I felt like I was watching Rosalind’s every move, feeling her emotions. I do agree the ending was rushed though. Just as it seemed to be getting at its very best the entire book ended.

  2. This was a great book and I learned a lot about the different views of the British controling India. I also felt that the ending was rushed. It was an overall excellent book.

  3. I really liked this book but I agree that the end wash rushed but I also think that the story should have been more in India, maybe that her aunt came earlier and it would also show how she is in India, and of course her other aunt should have been shown in India at least a little bit.

  4. This book, in my opinion, would definitely be worthy if only its ending was more satisfactory. And, echoing you guys, it definitely seemed rushed. I would, however, recommend it to my friends, as it was an exciting (for me) work of historical fiction

  5. I love this book! It is a great way to learn about that time period and the struggles that the Indians were going through. I agree that the ending was a bit rushed, and could have had more details, but other than that was an amazing read.

  6. Like everyone else said the ending was a little rushed. From time to time it felt like i was missing a few details, but other then that it was a good book.

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