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Kneebone Boy, by Ellen Potter

Summary: Otto, Lucia, and Max Hardscrabble, whose mother has been missing for many years, have unexpected and illuminating adventures in the village of Snoring-by-the-Sea after their father, who paints portraits of deposed monarchs, goes away on a business trip.  288 p., Feiwel & Friends.



I'm a librarian at the Eva Perry Regional Library.

One thought on “Kneebone Boy, by Ellen Potter

  1. This is a great book. The writing style was very interesting and the plot was unique. I liked the way that the author makes it seem like one of the three main characters in the book is telling you the story, but you don’t k now which one. i also like that there is a reason for every fiction thing that happens, like if you think you found something magic, it turns out not to be magic for a reason. It gets you thinnking that its a fantasy story, but if you read the whole thing, you start thinking its not as fanstasy as it seemed. I would recommend this to lots of people.

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