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The Cardturner: A Novel About a King, a Queen, and a Joker, by Louis Sachar

Summary:  When his wealthy uncle, a champion bridge player who has lost his vision, asks seventeen-year-old Alton to be a cardturner for him, Alton has no idea how much he will ultimately learn from his eccentric relative. Includes appendix by Syd Fox with information about bridge. 336 p., Delacorte.

Find it at WCPL


3 Responses

  1. I LOVED THIS BOOK!! I loved everything about it. The writing was like a breath of fresh air. I liked how the characters felt like real people and I liked that the plot managed to surprise me. I really really hope that this book wins a Newbery award.

    For my full better written review see here: http://wakecounty.wordpress.com/2010/05/24/book-review-the-cardturner-by-louis-sachar/

  2. Ditto for me, guitargod. This book is an awesome story with an extraordinary cast of characters (from the blind uncle to the schizophrenic girl). It puzzled and intrigued me with all the bridge explanations and diagrams. I also liked Trapp’s interpretation of ideas and Toni’s condition. I loved the ending. My two complaints:

    1. The parents don’t seem realistic. (or, at least, my parents aren’t like that)

    2. It seems just a little adult for Newbery.

  3. This book was great. I skipped over the bridge parts because I was lazy, but it was really good. I could see why you think it’s too adult, but most 10 year olds will skip right over it.

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