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Out of My Mind, by Sharon Draper

Summary:  Considered by many to be mentally retarded, a brilliant, impatient fifth-grader with cerebral palsy discovers a technological device that will allow her to speak for the first time. 295 pgs. Atheneum

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17 thoughts on “Out of My Mind, by Sharon Draper

  1. I really enjoyed this book. I could not put it down. I don’t really know alot about cerebral palsy, but now I can understand how children with it must feel. It must be tough. The author did a great job writing this, and I would really reccomend it.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this book. It gave me a good view of a person diagnosed with celebral palsy might have. Sharon Draper did a good job on helping the reader understand the struggles of the main character and her family.

  3. I really loved this book. The writing drew me right into the main character’s life and made me care a lot about her. The actions and reactions of all of the secondary and minor characters seemed very realistic, and the ending was satisfying without being too happily-ever-after.

  4. I LOVED THIS BOOK! It is a work of genius! The way she thought and how she did things put a lot into perspective. The trivia facts were a nice touch. My most favorite aspect of the book, if I had to choose; would be incorporating Stephen Hawking into the story. Did I mention I loved it?

  5. Worthy of so many medals you wouldn’t be able to read the cover (oh well, maybe that wouldn’t be so good after all).

  6. I agree with zoey101, this is an amazing book abt an amazing girl. I also enjoyed the reference to Hawking. This book WILL WIN the Newbery!

  7. I really enjoyed this book and it’s defiently worthy of a Newberry medal. Ater reading it I look differently at special needs kids and I rember that they’re just likebut can’t control theirselves. The whole book was sastisfing and sense it was in the main characters point of veiw it was easier to understand.

  8. i really liked the book it was great! it is worthy of the medal.

    and i think the author was trying to explain how a person like that would feel, and i wonder if she got some help form stephen hawking

  9. i loved this book. It really got me thinking about how luck I am to be able to walk and talk. Melody is really amazing. Who knew that someone like her could be that smart? The charater development was good and you could really tell how much Melody changed. Its also nice that you mentioned Stephen Hawking.

  10. This book was amazing! It was so fresh and inspiring, hearing the thoughts of a girl who no one even dreamed would be as smart as she was. “Out of my Mind” shows that even though the outside seems dumb, the inside may be a genius! This book is definitely worthy of the Newbery.

  11. This book could most definitely win the Newbery Medal/Honor. It is very detailed and inspiring. Sharon Draper did a great job with this one!

  12. Hmm. . . this was an interesting book. It will win some kind of an award, but it probably won’t be my pick for the mock Newbery. It’s very detailed, and I like it being told from the main character’s point of view. . . but I feel like some of the outside (secondary) characters weren’t developed to their full potential. Don’t get me wrong, this is an excellent book– but not comepletely satisfying when you were interested in other characters.

    1. I get what you’re saying. The other characters weren’t very developed, other than the basics: personality, looks, and name. Maybe it’s because it was in Melody’s head and she can’t really think too deep about that stuff. Not many people do, you know?

      1. Haha I was talking to my friend about this and I thought of pretty much exactly what you just said 😉

  13. This was an amazing book! I think it will definitely win the Mock NewBery Award . I think this book is very well described and I really think that is was good in the main character’s point of view. The main character had a disability and people who don’t have a disability should be thankful. Also you should be sensitive for people who face challenges in their life.

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