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Peter and the Sword of Mercy by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

peterSummary: James, one of Peter’s original Lost Boys, is now working for Scotland Yard and suspects that the heir to England’s throne, Prince Albert Edward, is under the influence of shadow creatures who are after starstuff hidden in an underground vault which has only one key: the Sword of Mercy. Molly is determined to help, but when she suddenly goes missing, it’s up to her eleven-year-old daughter, Wendy, to keep the starstuff out of the creatures’ clutches … and Peter Pan may be her only hope in saving the world from a shadowy doom.  515 p., Disney/Hyperion Books.

Find it at WCPL


One Response

  1. I really enjoyed this book! it was fast paced and very exciting. I don’t think that it stands out enough to be a contender for the mock newbery award, but I would recomend it for middle school reading lists.

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