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Green Dragon Codex by R. D. Henham

green dragonSummary: Thirteen-year-old Scamp, his older brother Mather, and friend Dannika, pursued by evil-doers, set out to find someone who can protect the mysterious globe and tablet Scamp found next to the corpse of a dreaded green dragon. 247 p., Mirrorstone/Wizards of the Coast.

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I'm a librarian at the Eva Perry Regional Library.

One thought on “Green Dragon Codex by R. D. Henham

  1. This is Clint Johnson, “Assistant” to R.D. Henham. I just wanted to say how honored I am to be even be considered for a mock Newberry. After all, mockery is the sincerest form of flattery. Yes, I’m certain that’s what they say, and they are never wrong, are they.

    I hope everyone likes my book. If so, please go to my web site and tell me so. If not, you can tell me that, too, though, surprisingly, I’m less enthusiastic about this option.

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