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Watersmeet, by Ellen Jensen Abbott

watersmeetSummary:  Fourteen-year-old Abisina escapes the escalating violence, prejudice, and religious fervor of her home town, Vranille, and sets out with a dwarf, Haret, to seek the father she has never met in a place called Watersmeet.

Marshall Cavendish

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8 thoughts on “Watersmeet, by Ellen Jensen Abbott

  1. I just finished this book, and I have to say I probably won’t be reading my last one for a while. In the same way “The Hunger Games” did, this book really leaves you speechless. The characters were probably the strongest point. They were all so… realistic. Some were cowards, some couldn’t let go of prejudice or fear, and some couldn’t let go of revenge. Now that’s not to say that all the characters are evil. They’re just not Mary Sues.
    Anyways, very good book. I recommend it highly.

  2. ULTIMATE FAV 4 ME!!!! THIS BOOK is THE ONE I’ve chosen as of this far to be my Newbery winner! (Just in case you live under a rock and don’t know what ‘fav’ means- it means favorite!)

  3. Hey zoey101! Thanks so much for your post! I’m thrilled that you liked Watersmeet so much!! You have no idea how much it means to writers to hear from *real* readers who found their book and enjoyed it. I’m now in the middle of writing the sequel so you should have another installment one of these days.

    All the best,

    Ellen Jensen Abbott

  4. I’m glad you enjoyed my comment. What’s the sequel going to be about if that’s not TOO classified. I’m sorry, but you set yourself up for that. Also, I want to ask you a question for all of those young writers looking at this blog and that is how exactly did you get your book published?

  5. It had a very strong main character who wasn’t a Mary Sue! She was brave and foolhardy, but also fearful and thoughtful. She had good development and you can’t help but love the array of characters that support her!

  6. This book’s settings were very definite and unique. The characters were real and well developed, and the plot was interesting.

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