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The Kind of Friends We Used to Be by Frances O’Roark Dowell

kind-of-friends-we-used-to-beSummary: Twelve-year-olds Kate and Marylin, friends since preschool, draw further apart as Marylin becomes involved in student government and cheerleading, while Kate wants to play guitar and write songs, and both develop unlikely friendships with other girls and boys.

234 pages, Atheneum Books for Young Readers

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10 thoughts on “The Kind of Friends We Used to Be by Frances O’Roark Dowell

  1. This is a book I can relate to and is fun. It was able to accomplish being a good book without really having a plot.

  2. I agree with Zoey on every point. This book has no plot, but it has come to terms with that and the author uses her main asset masterfully. Her greatest ability is that she can create characters who are realistic and could be living right down the street down from you. This book was divided into two parts, each told by a differant character, I enjoyed the section told by the guitarist(incidently, the author must play the guitar, as her info about it is totally correct. I play the guitar to by the way, so I sort of know what I’m talking about) rather than the bit told by the cheerleader. Also, the ending is one of the best I’ve ever read. Is it a Newbery award winner? At this time I’ll say no, but time will tell it is certainly a contender.

  3. This sequel to The Secret Language of Girls is about two girls that used to be close friends drifting apart and becoming different types of people in middle school. I especially liked the writing style and characters in this book, but it seems more like an enjoyable, fun read than an award winner to me.

  4. I thought this book was fun and I could definitly relate to it! I didn’t like the ending, I thought it just dropped. I enjoyed it but don’t think it could win the Newbery. Maybe an honor award.

  5. This book is mainly about two friends: Kate, a guitarist who wears boots and likes to write songs, and Marylin, a cheerleader who is interested in fashion and student body. I can DEFINITELY relate to this, me being on the cheerleader side. This book is really realistic and fun to read, even though it really didn’t have a plot. A Newbery Honor for sure!

  6. I am a Third Grader and my principal let me take once I said the pledge of Aliedgence at school.I am a level U and I am 9 yrs old.This book is so awesome!I love it.

  7. I really enjoyed this book . Im a 7th grader also so i can fully relate to it . It’s one of my favorites .

  8. I am a 5th grader also. This book was really good and i can relate to it very well.(On Kate’s side) The way this book is written makes me think they could be living down the street. I think it could win a Newbery Honor Award!

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