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Narrowing Down the List

We’ve spent our last two meetings discussing and comparing the books on our fourth short list, and we’ve knocked quite a few off the list. Some just didn’t stand out from the other books this year, and some were parts of series and seemed incomplete without the rest of the series. (We still have a couple of series titles that seemed to stand on their own, though, like former Newbery winners The High King and The Hero and the Crown.) What’s left? Take a look at the list below. We are also still getting a few more new 2008 books. Will there be a surprise addition to the list? Check back later in the month to see! Then find out who we chose for our Mock Newbery winner and honor books on January 23.


One Response

  1. I’m so happy to see Shooting the Moon on your list! You have a lot of great books here. Some of my favorites this year include Savvy and The Underneath.

    Good luck with your final deliberations!


    Frances Dowell

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