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Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech

Summary: Jack is studying poetry again in school, and he continues to write poems reflecting his understanding of famous poems and how they relate to his life. 153 p., Joanna Cotler Books.

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2 thoughts on “Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech

  1. I believe this is a sequel, but it is a complete story and does not rely on the first book. However, I think the writing style, because it is in verse, does not give me that overall “story” feel because of how narrow the plotline is. So because of that I would not vote it as the best book of the year.

  2. Before i read this book, i had never read a book in verse before. I liked it so much, that i read lots of other books in verse, but none of them were as good. I love the way the author captures all the fealings and puts them down making it seem like you are the character, and you feel the same stuff he does. I also read the companion to this book, “Love That Dog,” I still think that this book is better.

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