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White Sands, Red Menace by Ellen Klages

Summary: It is 1946, and Dewey Kerrigan is now living near the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico with the Gordon family. Dewey and her “sister,” Suze, share secrets, art, and science as they adjust to high school in an isolated desert town. 337 p., Viking.

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One thought on “White Sands, Red Menace by Ellen Klages

  1. I loved the first book Ellen Klages wrote with these characters, The Green Glass Sea. This book continues the story. It is not a really obvious sequel, but does refer several times to things that happened in the first book. I really liked the characters as well as the historical details in both of these books. I also liked the way the problems weren’t necessarily solved completely, but became more manageable in the book. That seemed more realistic to me. This is about my fifth or sixth favorite book so far this year. I really liked it, but there are still a few I liked better.

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