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The Winter War: A Novel by William Durbin

Summary: When Russian troops invade Finland during the winter of 1939-40, Marko, a young polio victim determined to keep his homeland free, joins the Finnish Army as a messenger boy. 231 p., Wendy Lamb Books.



I'm a librarian at the Eva Perry Regional Library.

2 thoughts on “The Winter War: A Novel by William Durbin

  1. This story seems more like an adventure novel than historical fiction to me. Marko’s story is full of challenges. I did not get bogged down in any one section, so it really kept me reading right along.
    It is good to see another perspective than what we typically hear about. This book gave enough background to get the setting, so it was very interesting.

  2. This is a well researched piece of historical fiction set during the 105 day Winter War between Finland and Russia in 1939-40. It is realistic, with people getting injured and killed, etc. It is a little bit gory but not completely horrifying. The events accurately depict the way the Winter War was fought. The main characters are very likable, and carry you through the story. The ending is interesting, because it is sort of convenient and happy for the characters, but more bittersweet for the country of Finland. Fans of accurate historical fiction and war books should like this one.

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