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Welcome to our new blog!

We are currently taking a break after choosing our 2008 Mock Newbery winner and honor books, and will start meeting to talk about contenders for the 2009 awards in April. This year we will be blogging about our favorite books right here. Check back in April and see what we’re reading!



I'm a librarian at the Eva Perry Regional Library.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to our new blog!

  1. Hey, y’all! I miss seeing you all, but I think it’s great that we have a blog.

    Let’s see, so far this year I know I’ve read at least two books that could be eligible for the Newbery. The first one was Shooting the Moon, by Frances O’Roark Dowell. I also read Tennyson, by Lesley M.M. Blume. Otherwise, I’ve been doing some reading that is outside of Newbery criteria, going back to read the first of the MacHale Pendragon series and Jean Ferris’ Once Upon a Marigold. I recommend them both highly, if you haven’t already read them. Right now I am reading Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians.

    See you soon! Keep reading!

  2. I love this new blog! It is a fast way to keep up with the opinions of others. I am looking forward to another great year of Newbery Club!

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