Hope is a Ferris Wheel, by Robin Herrera

Hope is a Ferris WheelSummary:  After moving from Oregon to a trailer park in California, ten-year-old Star participates in a poetry club, where she learns some important lessons about herself and her own hopes and dreams for the future.


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Outside the Box, by Karma Wilson

Outside the BoxSummary:  This laugh-out-loud poetry collaboration from a New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestselling author and a Caldecott Honor illustrator is anything but ordinary.


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Poem Depot: Aisles of Smiles, by Douglas Florian

Poem DepotSummary:  An illustrated collection of silly nonsense poems about topics kids care about: talents, avoiding homework, friends and more.


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Rutherford B Who Was He? by Marilyn Singer

Rutherford B who was heSummary:  Presents rhymes about presidents of the United States, from George Washington to Barack Obama.

Disney Hyperion

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Open Mic Riffs on Life between Cultures in Ten Voices, by Mitali Perkins

Open MicSummary:   Edited by acclaimed author and speaker Mitali Perkins, this collection of fiction and nonfiction uses a mix of styles as diverse as their authors, from laugh-out-loud funny to wry, ironic, or poingnant, in prose, poetry, and comic form.


The Candy Smash, by Jacqueline Davies

Candy SmashThe Lemonade War series
Summary:  Jessie and Evan are at opposite ends over the right to keep secrets. Evan believes some things (such as his poetry) are private. Jessie believes scandal makes good news. When anonymously sent candy hearts appear in Class 4-0, self-appointed ace reporter Jessie determines to get the scoop on class crushes.


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The Language Inside, by Holly Thompson

Language InsideSummary: Raised in Japan, American-born tenth-grader Emma is disconcerted by a move to Massachusetts for her mother’s breast cancer treatment, because half of Emma’s heart remains with her friends recovering from the tsunami.


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follow follow, by Marilyn Singer

follow followSummary:  Witty double takes on well-loved fairy tales such as Thumbelina and The Little Mermaid. Read these clever poems from top to bottom and they mean one thing. Then reverse the lines and read from bottom to top and they mean something else – it is almost like magic!


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Destiny Rewritten, by Kathryn Fitzmaurice

Destiny RewrittenSummary:  Eleven-year-old Emily has a secret career ambition that she suspects her English-professor mother will frown on. Then, just after discovering that it contains an important family secret, she loses the special volume of Emily Dickinson’s poetry that was given to her at birth. As Emily and her friends search for the lost book in used bookstores and thrift shops all across town, Emily’s understanding of destiny begins to unravel and then rewrite itself in a marvelous new way.

Katherine Tegen Books

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Running with Trains, by Michael Rosen

Summary:  Perry and Steve each fantasize about having each other’s life, as they only “know” each other through a train window.


Lemonade and other poems squeezed from a single word, by Bob Raczka

Summary: Part anagram, part rebus, part riddle – this brand new poetic form turns word puzzles into poetry.

Roaring Brook Press

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Great Migration: Journey to the North, by Eloise Greenfield

Summary:  Describes the period of the 20th century when many African Americans left the South to make better lives for themselves in the northern states.


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Dark Emperor & Other Poems of the Night, by Joyce Sidman

Summary:  A collection of poems that celebrates the wonder, mystery, and danger of the night and describes the many things that hide in the dark. 29 p., Houghton Mifflin.

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Colonial Voices: Hear Them Speak by Kay Winters

Summary: Kay Winters’ poems in the voices of different colonists, enhanced by historical notes, provide a glimpse into life in colonial times and the dramatic events of a famous rebellion. 40 p., Dutton Children’s Books.

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The Surrender Tree: Poems of Cuba’s Struggle for Freedom by Margarita Engle

Summary: Cuba has fought three wars for independence, and still she is not free. This history in verse creates a lyrical portrait of Cuba. 169 p., Henry Holt & Co.


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