Meeting Mid-August

We had another fantastic meeting where we shared what we each had been reading.  The highlight this time was when Ethan gave a thumbs-up to Nest by Ehrlich!  We have got to get more copies as soon as possible!
We are currently reading as much as possible before the school year starts in earnest, in preparation for making our first Favorites list of the year.  What titles are we missing?

First Friday of August Meeting

Ah – the style of writing discussion brought all the other criteria together. That’s what makes a book have that “newbery feel” that is so hard to define.  We had a wonderful meeting, and shared more books with each other.  What titles are we still lacking?  Feel free to comment with new books we have yet to add to consideration in this year’s discussions.

Mid-July Meeting

We had another wonderful meeting Friday!

We discussed accuracy, clarity and organization of information in regard to choosing our Mock Newbery winner.  And we commend Benjamin B.  for reading all the non-fiction we have on our reading list!  Thanks, Benjamin B.  Hopefully more of our readers will follow his example to see what each title has to offer.

We continue to add more titles to our cart, and are trying hard to keep up our reading through the summer.  Which titles have we missed?  Feel free to comment.

Third Friday of June

We had a wonderful meeting Friday!

“Theme” was the thought of the day, so there were several examples of when theme and concept contributed to distinguished literature.  Please comment below with titles that have distinguished themes which we should consider this year.

First Friday of June Discussion

Time, place, and mood were the topics of the “Setting Criteria” discussion this week.  Many titles that we read this past week were strong in Setting, and we shared how we felt about the books we just finished reading.  Also, we are looking forward to seeing Orson Scott Card Tuesday evening at the Quail Ridge Books and Music in Raleigh!  If you can meet us there, please do.  Authors are our heroes!

May 30 Discussion

Characters were on the agenda this meeting!  We talked about the Newbery criteria about character development, and agreed that we do not have to LIKE the characters for them to be well-written.  Reading is in high gear, even with school projects!  Check back often to see our comments listed down the left column here.  Which characters are the best this year?

First Discussions!

The third Friday in May we met to hear what our book club members have been reading!  We talked about the Newbery criteria of ‘Plot’ as well as some of the titles published this year.  Check out our comments down the left column here. What are the 2014-published books that you have read that are strongest in plot?


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