The Animal Book, by Steve Jenkins

Animal bookSummary:Shares facts on over three hundred animals and offers a brief overview of the history of life on Earth. Dance with a blue-footed booby, or stare down an eyelash viper. But mind your step– in the animal world, the name of the game is survival.


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Ivy Takes Care, by Rosemary Wells

Ivy takes careSummary: Brokenhearted when her best friend departs for the summer, Ivy spends her own summer caring for animals in the mid-century Southwest, sharing her season of discovery with a stubborn pony, a mischievous puppy, and a scarred racehorse.

Candlewick Press

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Lupus Rex, by John Carter Cash

Lupus RexSummary:  Ysill and Cormo are two quail who must risk their lives when they are driven from their home by crows, and find they must make common cause with a other creatures, if they are to find safety in a world full of perils and adventure.


Return to the Willows, by Jacqueline Kelly

Summary:  Mole, Ratty, Toad, and Badger are back for more rollicking adventures in this sequel to The Wind in the Willows . With lavish illustrations by Clint Young, Jacqueline Kelly masterfully evokes the magic of Kenneth Grahame’s beloved children’s classic and brings it to life for a whole new generation.

Henry Holt

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Under Wildwood, by Colin Meloy

Summary: Prue’s mind is constantly returning to the verdant groves and sky-tall trees of Wildwood, where her friend Curtis still remains as a bandit-in-training.  But all is not well in that world. Under a growing threat, Prue is drawn back into Wildwood, where she and Curtis will face their greatest challenge yet: to save themselves and the lives of their friends, and to bring unity to a divided country. But in order to do that, they must go under Wildwood.


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The Prince Who Fell From the Sky, by John Claude Bemis

Summary:  After an orbital spacecraft crashes on a post-apocalyptic Earth where animals have regained control, a cubless mother bear adopts the lone survivor, a young boy, and leads him on a journey toward safety from the ruling wolf clans.

Random House

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Nightshade City, by Hilary Wagner

Summary: Eleven years after the cruel Killdeer took over the Catacombs far beneath the human’s Trillium City, Juniper Belancourt, assisted by Vincent and Victor Nightshade, leads a maverick band of rats to escape and establish their own city. 260 p., Holiday House.

How I, Nicky Flynn, Finally Get a Life (and a Dog), by Art Corriveau

Summary: Moving to inner-city Boston after his parents’ divorce, eleven-year-old Nicky struggles to cope with the changes in his life, including acquiring a former guide dog that leads to a mystery for Nicky to solve. 249 p., Amulet Books.

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Home on the Range, by Lucy A. Nolan

Summary:  Dogs Down Girl and Sit accompany their masters to a dude ranch, where they encounter scary “squirrels” that live in holes in the ground, stampedes, and enemies even worse than their nemesis, the cat that lives next door.  54 p., Marshall Cavendish.

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The Best Horse Ever, by Alice DeLaCroix

Summary:  Nine-year-old Abby finally gets her own horse but will this new responsibility mean she must give up everything else?  74 p., Holiday House.

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Nuts, by Kacy Cook

Summary: When eleven-year-old Nell finds a tiny baby squirrel on the ground in her yard, she begs her parents to let her raise it as a pet, even after the research she does shows that this is not a good idea.

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Wildwood Stables: Daring to Dream, by Suzanne Weyn

Summary: Taylor Henry loves horses, but her single mom can’t afford riding lessons, much less a horse. So when she discovers an abandoned gelding and pony, Taylor is happy just to be around them. But the rescued animals have nowhere to go, and Taylor is running out of time to find them a good home. Could the empty old barn on Wildwood Lane be the answer? And could Taylor’s wildest dream of a horse to call her own finally be coming true? 163 p., Scholastic.

Julia Gillian (and the dream of the dog), by Alison McGhee

Summary: While trying to cope with more school work, including an assignment in her least favorite subject, reading, a sixth-grade girl faces her toughest challenge as her beloved dog–and lifelong companion–nears the end of his life. 336 p., Scholastic.

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Homestretch by Paul Volponi

Summary: Five months after losing his mother, seventeen-year-old Gas runs away from an abusive father and gets a job working at an Arkansas race track, surrounded by the illegal Mexican immigrants that he and his father blame for her death. 151 p., Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

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Everything for a Dog by Ann M. Martin

everythingSummary: In parallel stories, Bone, an orphaned dog, finds and loses a series of homes, Molly, a family pet, helps Charlie through the grief and other after-effects of his brother’s death, and lonely Henry pleads for a dog of his own. 211 p., Feiwel and Friends.

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