The Contract, by Derek Jeter

Summary:  In Kalamazoo, Michigan, eight-year-old Derek Jeter, who dreams of playing for the New York Yankees, learns what it takes to be a champion on and off the field.


Found Things, by Marilyn Hilton

Summary:  Eleven-year-old River Rose, bullied at school and missing her older brother, Theron, makes friends with a strange new classmate, Meadow Lark, and the two search for a miracle by floating wishes down the river.


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Searching for Silverheels, by Jeannie Mobley

Summary:  In Colorado during World War I, a young, romantically minded girl and an old, bitter woman suffragist debate a local legend and examine the role of women in a time of war and prejudice.

Margaret K. McElderry Books

Skies Like These, by Tess Hilmo

Summary:  While visiting her eccentric aunt who lives in Wyoming, twelve-year-old Jade befriends a boy who believes he is a descendant of Butch Cassidy.


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Space Case, by Stuart Gibbs

Summary:  Like his fellow lunarnauts—otherwise known as Moonies—living on Moon Base Alpha, twelve-year-old Dashiell Gibson is famous the world over for being one of the first humans to live on the moon. And he’s bored out of his mind.  Kids aren’t allowed on the lunar surface, meaning they’re trapped inside the tiny moon base with next to nothing to occupy their time. Then Moon Base Alpha’s top scientist turns up dead. Dash senses there’s foul play afoot, but no one believes him.

Simon & Schuster

First Friday of August Meeting

Ah – the style of writing discussion brought all the other criteria together. That’s what makes a book have that “newbery feel” that is so hard to define.  We had a wonderful meeting, and shared more books with each other.  What titles are we still lacking?  Feel free to comment with new books we have yet to add to consideration in this year’s discussions.

Abby Spencer Goes to Bollywood, by Varsha Bajaj

Summary:  Astonished to discover that the father she never knew is actually Bollywood’s biggest celebrity, 13-year-old Abby travels to Mumbai to meet her famous father and struggles with cultural differences, the challenges of her secret identity and her changing sense of self.

Albert Whitman

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