Vanishing Acts: a Madison Kincaid mystery, by Phillip Margolin

Summary:  In Portland, Oregon, between soccer games and beginning seventh grade, twelve-year-old Madison Kincaid and new classmate Jake try to track down her missing best friend, while also helping her attorney father solve a missing-persons case.

Harper Collins

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Waiting for the Magic, by Patricia MacLachlan

Summary:  When Papa goes away for a little while, his family tries to cope with the separation by adopting four dogs and a cat.


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Walking Home to Rosie Lee, by A. LaFaye

Summary:  At the end of the Civil War, young Gabe meets many other former slaves getting a feel for freedom whose kindness helps him in his quest to find his mother, who was sold away.

Cinco Puntos Press

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Watch That Ends the Night: Voices from the Titanic, by Allan Wolf

Summary: Recreates the 1912 sinking of the Titanic as observed by millionaire John Jacob Astor, a beautiful young Lebanese refugee finding first love, “Unsinkable” Molly Brown, Captain Smith, and others including the iceberg itself.


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White Water: Inspired by a True Story, by Michael Bandy

Summary:  After tasting the warm, rusty water from the fountain designated for African Americans, a young boy questions why he cannot drink the cool, refreshing water from the “Whites Only” fountain.

Candlewick Press

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With a Name Like Love, by Tess Hilmo

Summary:  Thirteen-year-old Olivene Love gets tangled up in a murder mystery when her itinerant preaching family arrives in the small town of Binder, Arkansas in 1957.


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The Centaur’s Daughter, by Ellen Jensen Abbott

Summary: Two years after arriving in Watersmeet, Abisina, now seventeen, questions her decision to take a leadership role as the struggle to provide for refugees, some of whom hate others, threatens the folks’ very survival.

Marshall Cavendish


Wild Life by Cynthia DeFelice

Summary: When twelve-year-old Eric’s parents are deployed to Iraq, he goes to live with grandparents he hardly knows in a small town in North Dakota, but his grandfather’s hostility and the threat of losing the dog he has rescued are too much and Eric runs away.


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Jefferson’s Sons, by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Summary:  A fictionalized look at the last twenty years of Thomas Jefferson’s life at Monticello through the eyes of three of his slaves, two of whom were his sons by his slave, Sally Hemings.

Dial Books

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Clementine and the Family Meeting, by Sara Pennypacker

Summary:  Third-grader Clementine tries to adjust to the news that her perfect family of four is adding a new brother or sister.

Disney Hyperion

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Always War, by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Summary:  In a war-torn future United States, fifteen-year-old Tessa, her childhood friend Gideon, now a traumatized military hero, and Dek, a streetwise orphan, enter enemy territory and discover the shocking truth about a war that began more than seventy-five years earlier.

Simon & Schuster

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Darth Paper Strikes Back, by Tom Angleberger

Summary:  Harvey, upset when his Darth Paper finger puppet brings humiliation, gets Dwight suspended, but Origami Yoda asks Tommy and Kellan, now in seventh grade, to make a new casefile to persuade the School Board to reinstate Dwight.


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Down the Mysterly River, by Bill Willingham

Summary:  Top notch Boy Scout Max “the Wolf” cannot remember how he came to be in a strange forest, but soon he and three talking animals are on the run from the Blue Cutters, hunters who will alter the foursome’s very essence if they can catch them.


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Dragons of Silk, by Laurence Yep

Summary:  Four generations of Chinese and Chinese-American girls, beginning in 1835, are tied together by the tradition of raising silkworms and the legacy of the legendary Weaving Maid.


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Fetching, by Kiera Stewart

Summary:  Deeply humiliated by the leader of the popular crowd on the second day of eighth grade, Olivia, who has lived with her grandmother since her mother left the family, plots her revenge using dog training techniques.

Disney Hyperion



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